Short Wave Pass Filters

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Short Wave Pass Filters

Short wave pass filters transmit shorter wavelengths and reflect longer emissions. They make it easy to separate excitation from emitted wavelengths without interfering with your targeted wavelengths. What’s more, they have a high transition rate between reflection and transmission regions, making them an excellent choice for fluorescence, color enhancement and photometry applications.

Benefits of Short Wave Pass Filters

PIXELTEQ short wave pass filters provide rich, saturated colors. Their multilayered sputtered coatings provide shift-free performance in high-output luminaries. You can count on spectral stability in virtually any environment.

Unlike polymer gels and absorptive colored glass, short wave pass colored filters allow little to no absorption. They also provide a steeper edge transition than polymer gels and colored glass.

Additionally, these short pass filters are age- and fade-resistant, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Short Wave Pass Filter Applications

Short wave pass filters are used in applications such as:

  • Copy and print processing.
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sensing and imaging.
  • Digital projection and cinema.
  • Machine vision.
  • Architectural, technical and entertainment lighting.

Integration Opportunities for Short Wave Pass Filters

While you can use short wave pass filters independently, you can also use them with other filters to enhance your results. You might try matching or combining your short wave pass filter with:

  • Color gobos: Choose from full-color or multicolor gobos micro-patterned for high-resolution, photorealistic effects and images.
  • Patterned color filters: These filters provide precise mixing to achieve your desired color saturation.
  • Cold mirrors: Cold mirrors reflect visible light while transmitting infrared light and heat.
  • Color correction filters: These filters modify a lamp’s correlated color temperature to match another.
  • UV-IR filters: These filters reflect infrared and ultraviolet (UV) light while transmitting visible colors.

Short Pass Filter Customization Options

At Optical Filter Shop, we customize your short wave pass filters to meet your unique needs. We match calibrated colors and specific cut-off wavelengths, engineering your optics to deliver your specified color output. We can also design the filter to your precise shape, size and substrate requirements.

Why Choose Optical Filter Shop?

Optical Filter Shop has been a leading optical filter manufacturer for decades. We go above and beyond to meet our customers’ performance, throughput and budget requirements. We will provide solutions for virtually any need or application, from standard sample filters to scalable OEM production.

Our expert engineers have years of experience creating optical filters to meet a diverse range of specifications. You can rest assured we have the expertise and advanced equipment to deliver filters that suit your needs.

Purchase Short Pass Wave Filters From Optical Filter Shop

Filter customization is easy when you shop from our online store. You can choose your filter type, shape and dimensions on demand and place your order entirely online. We turn most in-stock filters within a day.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our offerings. We accommodate all types of customization requests, and we offer large-volume discounts for significant cost-savings opportunities. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales team will be happy to walk you through our options and answer all your questions.