45 Deg Dichroic Mirror Filter – Blue ~490nm

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45 Deg Dichroic Mirror - Blue ~490nm - 102291651
45 Deg Dichroic Mirror Filter - Blue ~490nm
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45 Deg Dichroic Mirror - Blue ~490nm - 102291651
45 Deg Dichroic Mirror Filter – Blue ~490nm


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45° Dichroic Filter

Forty-five degree dichroic mirrors and filters guide light by selectively transmitting and reflecting different wavelengths – commonly used to combine light from multiple LEDs or lasers into a common light path, or in reverse separating white light or fluorescence excitation and emission bands into discrete components.  Since dichroic filters are angle-dependent, the standard versions of 45° dichroic filters are designed to operate at a 45 degree angle of incidence; custom angles and illumination sources are available on request.

PIXELTEQ’s 45° dichroic mirrors are shift-free color filters, dielectric coated interference filters which transmit certain regions of the visible spectrum and reflect others with high efficiency. The filters mirrors are manufactured with proprietary sputtering technology which makes them extremely stable to changing operating temperatures and harsh environmental conditions.

Thin film interference filters are virtually absorption free – providing superior transmission, rich saturated cyan colors, and true lifetime performance.  They also have a steep edge transition between the shorter wavelength transmission band and the longer wavelength reflection band – much steeper than colored glass or polymer gels.

OEM Custom Options

Custom OEM versions are available to match cut-on & cut-off wavelengths and angles for lamps, LEDs, and lasers – engineered for your specific illumination sources & optics to deliver the targeted color output.  In addition to customized coatings, the optics are delivered in the form to fit your application – in specific substrates, shapes, and sizes.

Integrated Solutions

Color filters are commonly matched or combined with other types of filters to optimize performance in your specific application.  In many cases, an optimized OEM design combines multiple coatings to enhance performance, size, and weight of the device.  Some of these complementary filter types include:

  • Broadband Mirrors:  durable high-reflectivity mirrors to preserve the transmission level, color, and image quality
  • UV – IR filters:  transmit visible colors while blocking harmful Ultraviolet and/or Infrared light
  • Cold Mirrors:  reflect visible light into the illumination path while transmitting infrared light & heat through the rear of the reflector or outside the device
  • Color Correction filters:  adjust the correlated color temperature from one type of lamp to match another
  • Solid state illumination – combine multiple LEDs, lasers
  • MEMS and micro-mirror illumination
  • Digital projection & cinema
  • High-output lamp illumination – color separation
  • Sharp spectral separation between transmission & reflection
  • Available for use in transmissive mode as well as in reflective mode
  • Highest transmission and reflection values
  • Shift-free spectral stability at changing operating temperatures & humidity
  • Narrow cut-on/cut-off tolerances (≤1%) and excellent spectral uniformity
  • Durable scratch and mechanical resistance
  • Virtually absorption free – transmission efficiency & reduced thermal stress
  • Permanent saturated color – no aging or fading
  • Flexible custom designs – colors, polarization planes, angles of incidence (AOI), CIE chromaticity, substrate material and dimensions
  • Engineering support for custom color management systems Schematic

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Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 4 mm

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