NIR Bandpass – 700nm to 1100nm

NIR Bandpass – 700nm to 1100nm Description

Optical Filter Shop’s near-infrared (NIR) bandpass filters work well over many optical sensor applications. They block both ambient visible light and longer-wavelength infrared light while transmitting a specified NIR spectral range signal light. NIR bandpass filters are essential components in achieving high signal-to-noise ratios in distance measuring or optical sensing applications.

The superior signal-to-noise capability enables precise distance measurements with lower-signal light power or higher sensitivity and more precision with standard levels.

Many applications involving liquids, gases and human tissue have unique spectral signatures in the near-infrared wavelength that use precisely positioned NIR bandpass filters. Several examples include:

  • Multispectral cameras and imagers.
  • Automotive sensor systems.
  • Scientific instruments.
  • OEM imagers and sensors.
  • Machine vision.
  • Biomedical fluorescence.
  • Tissue analysis and oximetry.
  • Range finders and distance meters.

Several benefits of NIR bandpass filters include:

  • True color imaging: We optimize our NIR bandpass filters to evaluate light the same way the human eye interprets color.
  • High NIR absorption: Our NIR filters absorb almost all NIR radiation, even in the smallest thicknesses.
  • High transmission rates: They produce the highest transmission rates within the visible wavelengths.
  • Long-lasting performance: NIR bandpass filters provide years of optimal performance.

700-1100nm NIR Bandpass Optical Filter Options

Near-infrared light extends from 700-1100nm in our NIR bandpass filters. That range is well beyond human vision but still falls within the responsitivity of most silicon detectors. NIR bandpass filters can pair with other designs to enhance efficiency and performance. We can also layer several coatings together to improve the filter’s size, weight and effectiveness.

  • Dichroic beamsplitters: These provide a splitting ratio dependent upon the wavelength of the incident light. They are useful for splitting or combining laser beams of different colors.
  • Excitation filter: These filters mask all wavelengths except for those in the absorbance and emission spectra.
  • Emission filters: Emission filters block unwanted spectral components of emitted fluorescence and any residual excitation light.
  • Patterned bandpass filters: These reject selective light wavelengths and transmit only the desired portion of the light spectrum.
  • Anti-reflective coatings: Optical Filter Shop’s special anti-reflective coatings improve contrast, strengthen transmission and remove ghost imaging.

Purchasing Custom NIR Bandpass Optical Filters

Multiple NIR bandpass filters can be custom-patterned for specific imaging and sensing applications. In addition to customized coatings, we manufacture the optics to fit your application in the specific substrates, sizes and shapes you need.

Several customization options we offer for our NIR bandpass filters are:

  • Special bandpass width and positioning.
  • Custom blocking levels and ranges.
  • Collaborative design and engineering.
  • Pixel-scale filter arrays.
  • Custom imagers and photodiodes.
  • Multiple coatings.

At Optical Filter Shop, we make ordering custom filters easy. Follow these three steps:

  1. Choose your filter: We have an inventory containing several hundred filter styles.
  2. Select your shape: Choose from a circular or rectangular filter.
  3. Enter the dimensions: Tell us the size you need and we’ll cut the filter to those dimensions.

How Optical Filter Shop Can Help You

With years of experience in thin-film engineering and optical coating applications, Optical Filter Shop has the proven ability to supply you with the highest-quality NIR bandpass filter solutions. To learn more about our products and services, contact us today.