PixelCam Multispectral Imaging

Easy to use multispectral imaging snapshot camera, available in VIS+NIR and NIR+SWIR


Six or Eight Band MultiSpectral Imaging with Interchangeable Filters, available in UV-VIS, VIS-NIR, and NIR-SWIR

Optical Filters

Optical bandpass, color, edge & other specialty filters – available now in your custom size.

Pixel Sensor

8 wavelength-selective photodiodes in a 9mm LCC package - photodiodes available with and without OEM electronics board

Reflectance Standards

High or low standards can be used as a reference when measuring surfaces.

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Reflectance Standards

High or low standards can be used as a reference when measuring surfaces.

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If you’re thinking multispectral, partner with Torrent Photonics to help make your vision a reality.

At Optical Filter Shop, our specialty is precision optical coating. Our primary product focus is on optical filters for imaging and sensing products. With decades of engineering experience in thin films and advanced optical coating platforms, we supply solutions from scalable original equipment manufacturer (OEM) production to standard filter samples. We’re dedicated to meeting our customers’ throughput, performance and cost requirements.

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Here at Optical Filter Shop we have over 400 different filters to choose from. That number keeps on getting larger, but if you do not see something you need feel free to contact us.

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Choose between a circle or rectangular filter.

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Enter your desired dimensions and your filter will be cut to that size.

TORRENT Photonics

Types of Optical Filters for Sale

We offer bandpass, edge and color filters that cover ultraviolet (UV), visible, near-infrared and short-wave infrared wavelengths. We also supply various specialty filters, like 45-degree, anti-reflective (AR) windows, linear variable and neutral density filters. Additionally, Optical Fiber Shop stocks a complete line of miscellaneous optical supplies, including collimation testers, optical flats, reflectance standards and multispectral imaging and sensing devices.

Custom Multispectral Instruments

Multispectral imaging integrates multiple spectral imaging areas of sizable bandwidth into a single system. We offer various components related to multispectral imaging, including our SpectroCam™ wheel camera, which creates a fully portable and configurable, high-speed imaging system.

Optical Filter Shop also supplies custom OEM filters to match the specific angle and wavelength requirements for your exact specifications. In addition to customized filter coatings, we deliver the optics to fit your application in specific shapes, sizes and substrates.

You can match or combine our instruments with other types of filters to optimize the performance of your specific application. An optimal OEM design often integrates multiple coatings onto the same optic to improve the device’s performance, size, and weight. The customization process is as simple as choosing the type of filter you need, choosing the shape and selecting the required dimensions.

Buying From Optical Filter Shop

Contact us online or by phone today for product inquiries, to place an order or to learn more information regarding our custom filters and creating the perfect filter for your application. Learn what Optical Filter Shop can do for you!

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Delivering Advanced Industrial Optical Solutions: Extensive Expertise, Rigorous Quality Standards, and Comprehensive Support for Your Needs.

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A company with a solid history in industrial optics and a well-trained team of specialists instills confidence. Experience in designing, manufacturing, and integrating optical systems is crucial for ensuring the performance and reliability of the products sold.

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High standards of quality for the products offered, along with post-sale services including technical assistance and customer support, are fundamental. International certifications and relevant accreditations can demonstrate the company’s commitment to excellence in quality.

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Positive feedback and recommendations from existing customers are strong indicators of the trust a company inspires. Authentic reviews and relevant case studies can highlight the company’s ability to meet the needs and expectations of its clients in the industrial optics field.