UV-AR Filter – ~427nm

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UV-AR Filter - ~427nm - 102134837
UV-AR Filter - ~427nm
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UV-AR Filter - ~427nm - 102134837
UV-AR Filter – ~427nm


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UV-AR Filter

PIXELTEQ’s UV-AR filters are high performance filters, blocking ultraviolet radiation from high intensity arc lamps in illumination and projection display systems.  These filters suppress UV light that can damage microdisplay panels, polymer optics, and other optical components.  The excellent transmission of visible light provides high brightness and neutral colors.  These filters are produced with proprietary sputtered deposition technology, providing very dense filter coatings with excellent optical stability both at higher operating temperatures and varying environmental conditions.
OEM Custom Options

Custom OEM UV filters available to match specific angle and wavelength requirements – engineered for your specific illumination source & optics to deliver the targeted blocking.  In addition to customized UV filter coatings, the optics are delivered in the form to fit your application – in specific substrates, shapes, and sizes.

Integrated Solutions

UV filters are commonly matched or combined with other types of filters to optimize performance in your specific application.  In many cases, an optimized OEM design combines multiple coatings onto the same optic to enhance performance, size, and weight of the device.  Some of these complementary filter types include:

  • IR Filters:  transmit visible light while blocking infrared radiation, reducing heat load through the optical train and devices.
  • Cold Mirrors:  reflect visible light into the illumination path while transmitting infrared light & heat through the rear of the reflector or outside the device
  • Color Correction filters:  adjust the correlated color temperature from one type of lamp to match another
  • High-intensity lamps
  • Light engines & broadband illumination
  • Projection display
  • Lighting reflectors
  • OEM optical systems
  • UV rejection prevents damage
  • High visible transmission
  • Narrow cut-on edge tolerances
  • Maintain color integrity – no color shift
  • Superior stability at high temperature and varying humidity
  • Custom OEM versions available

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Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 4 mm

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