Color Filter – Deep Amber – 595nm LWP

Product Description

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Dichroic Color Filters

PIXELTEQ’s amber color filters provide consistent vibrant color for all kinds of illumination and detection applications.  The long wave pass dichroic filter design transmits only the longer visible wavelengths and reflects shorter visible wavelengths.  Also known as thin film or interference filters, PIXELTEQ’s amber color filters use multi-layer hard sputtered coatings that provide durable shift-free performance without fading or aging in high output luminaires.

Dichroic Color Filters vs. Absorption Filters

Unlike absorptive colored glass or polymer gels, these thin film interference filters are virtually absorption free – providing superior transmission, rich saturated amber colors, and true lifetime performance.  The red color filters also have a steep edge transition between the shorter wavelength reflection band and the longer wavelength transmission band – much steeper than colored glass or polymer gels.

OEM Custom Options

Custom colors are available to match specific cut-on wavelengths and calibrated CIE colors – engineered for your specific illumination source & optics to deliver the targeted color output.  These color filters can be patterned on gradient wheels or flags for smooth variable RGB or CMY color mixing.  Multiple colors can also be micro-patterned for full color and photorealistic imaging effects and gobos.  In addition to customized coatings, the optics are delivered in the form to fit your application – in specific substrates, shapes, and sizes.

Integrated Solutions

Color filters are commonly matched or combined with other types of filters to optimize performance in your specific application.  In many cases, an optimized OEM design combines multiple coatings onto the same optic to enhance performance, size, and weight of the device.  Some of these complementary filter types include:

  • UV – IR filters:  transmit visible colors while blocking harmful Ultraviolet and/or Infrared light
  • Cold Mirrors:  reflect visible light into the illumination path while transmitting infrared light & heat through the rear of the reflector or outside the device
  • Color Correction filters:  adjust the correlated color temperature from one type of lamp to match another
  • Patterned Color Filters:  smooth mixing from full to zero color saturation, plus combinations to precisely mix wide and rich color gamuts
  • Color Gobos:  multi-color and full color gobos micro-patterned for high resolution photorealistic images and effects
  • Machine vision
  • OEM sensing & imaging
  • Technical, entertainment & architectural lighting
  • Digital projection & cinema
  • Copy & print processing
  • Rich saturated colors
  • Durable support for high output lamps
  • Lifetime performance – no aging or fading
  • High transmission / low absorption
  • Spectral stability indoor & outdoor
  • Standard & customer colors available
  • OEM customization

Quantity Discount
Buy 2 to 5 filters and save 10%
Buy 6 to 9 filters and save 20%
Buy 10 to 15 filters and save 25%
For orders of more than 15 it is recommended to contact us for better pricing.
 Discounts apply to quantity purchases of the same filter

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