Specular Reflectance Standard, Low Reflectivity


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Product Description

The STAN-SSL Low-reflectivity Specular Reflectance Standard is a black glass standard that can be used as a reference when measuring surfaces with low specular reflectance values such as thin film coatings, anti-reflective coatings, blocking filters and substrates. The coated surface of the STAN-SSL provides an ~4.0% reflectance across the 200-2500 nm wavelength range.

The STAN-SSL substrate measures 1.25″ in diameter and is housed in a sturdy 1.5″ x 0.75″ blue anodized aluminum enclosure and protected by a screw-on top.


User’s Tips
  • The use of the STAN-SSL is limited to 200-2500 nm.
  • Use the STAN-SSL to set a low-reflectivity reference of ~4%.
  • Although the black glass is a durable substrate, the user should handle it with care to maintain the integrity of its calibrated surface.
  • To clean the STAN-SSL surface, first remove dirt and dust by blowing it off with a pressurized gas. Then use the drag method of cleaning to remove fingerprints and residual contaminants. In the drag method, lens tissue saturated with reagent-grade isopropyl alcohol or acetone is slowly dragged across the surface. Done correctly, the solvent will evaporate uniformly with no streaking or spotting.
STAN-HOLDER Reflectance Standard Holder

The STAN-HOLDER is a convenient accessory option for keeping the standard secured in place or to an optical post during measurements. STAN-HOLDER is available for $99.

Technical Data

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions50 × 50 × 20 mm


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