Shear-Plate Collimation Testers


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Application Versatility

Use Shear-Plate Collimation Testers to examine and adjust the collimation of laser light, or to measure the wavefront curvature and divergence/convergence magnitude of large-radius optical components.

Various Aperture Sizes from 350-2500nm

Each tester is useable from 350-2500 nm, and is available in apertures ranging from 10-250 mm. Each tester consists of a wedged, high-quality optical flat housed in a heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame.

Basic Operation with Interferometric Design

The testers are remarkably easy to use: When a planar wavefront is incident at an angle of 45 degrees, two reflected wavefronts result. The lateral separation of these wavefronts is referred to as shear. Fringes — parallel patterns of light and dark areas — will be seen in the overlapping region of the two images. Collimating the laser beam is a matter of adjusting the collimating system until the fringe pattern is parallel to the shadow of the collimation tester’s reference wire.


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Collimation Testers