Remote Sensing Bandpass Filter – 660nm FWHM 59nm

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Optical Filters
Remote Sensing Bandpass Filter - 660nm FWHM 59nm
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Optical Filters
Remote Sensing Bandpass Filter – 660nm FWHM 59nm


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Remote Sensing Bandpass Filter - 660nm FWHM 59nm - CO674-47

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Remote Sensing Bandpass Filter

Remote sensing is an application of spectral imaging widely used to analyze large areas from aircraft, unmanned vehicle, and satellite-based sensors.  These measurements are then frequently correlated with ground-based measurements.  Visible and infrared spectral bands are commonly used to monitor both natural and man-made features for agriculture, geology, and specialized applications.

Remote Sensing | Applications


Agriculture uses remote sensing to improve crop yields, monitor forest canopy, and measure crop health.  Chlorophyll absorbs visible light and reflects near infrared light, so evaluating specific spectral bands can help classify types of vegetation, discriminate crop stress and moisture content, and monitor invasive species.  Wide and narrowband visible, the “red edge” transition from absorption to reflection, and near infrared spectral bands are particularly interesting for vegetation.


Geological features including vegetation, minerals, bodies of water, roads and buildings can be discriminated with remote sensing.  The deep blue end of the visible spectrum penetrates water best, though is absorbed most by the atmosphere – helpful for both underwater depth measurements or bathymetry, and atmospheric correction calculations.


Remote sensing applications are growing rapidly with the improved availability, frequency, and cost of satellite and aerial data.  The rise of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is making custom remote sensing data more accessible than ever, creating a new demand for application-specific sensors and cameras.

Remote Sensing | Filters

PIXELTEQ provides standard filters consistent with common remote sensing and satellite spectral bands – available now configured to your specific shape at (LINK)

OEM filters for custom spectral bands, specs, production quantities, and shapes are also available.  PIXELTEQ’s exclusive micro-patterning technology is used to deliver application-specific sensors and focal plane arrays for remote sensing.

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Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 4 mm

Borosilicate Glass





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