Anti-Reflection Window Filter – Visible Range 0.7mm

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Anti-Reflection Window - Visible Range 0.7mm - 102318565
Anti-Reflection Window Filter - Visible Range 0.7mm
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Anti-Reflection Window - Visible Range 0.7mm - 102318565
Anti-Reflection Window Filter – Visible Range 0.7mm


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Anti-Reflection Window (AR)

PIXELTEQ’s high efficiency glass windows are anti-reflection window (AR) coated on both sides with a clear coating that reduces reflectance to less than 0.5% over the visible range.  Their high transmission makes them ideal for covering and sealing optical devices – improving readability and reducing glare and ghost effects by virtually eliminating back reflection.

OEM Custom Options

Custom OEM anti-reflection windows are available to match specific wavelength, angle and package requirements – engineered for your specific optical devices.  Multilayer AR coatings can be designed to cover single or multiple ranges and/or laser lines.  In addition to customized broadband and custom-tuned AR coatings for source and/or detection wavelength and angle ranges, the optics are delivered in the form to fit your application – in specific substrates, shapes, and sizes.

Integrated Solutions

Anti-reflection (AR) windows are commonly matched or combined with other types of filters to optimize performance in your specific application.  In many cases, an optimized OEM design combines multiple coatings onto the same optic to enhance performance, size, and weight of the device.  Some of these complementary filter types include:

  • Bandpass filters:  Select wavelengths for trimming source and detection signals, improving signal-to-noise ratios of single and multi-wavelength photodetectors.
  • NIR blocking filters:  Si-based photodiodes, CCD or CMOS sensors are sensitive to near infrared light – so blocking these wavelengths enhances contrast in the visible light range.  Unlike absorption glasses, these dichroic filters provide excellent transmittance and cut-off slope.  They also provide predictable blocking performance independent of glass thickness – helpful for device size and assembly.
  • UV – IR filters:  transmit visible colors while blocking harmful Ultraviolet and Near Infrared light.
  • Patterned apertures:  The edges of some light-sensitive sensors should be protected against light radiation to provent signal disturbances.  Absorptive coatings are patterned around the sensor active area to avoid these effects.
  • Solderable coating:  Some optical sensor devices must be sealed from the environment for long-term performance.  A patterned solderable coating frame can provide both an aperture and sealing joint in a single AR window.
  • Optical devices
  • Photodetectors & sensors
  • Sealed sensors
  • Industrial displays
  • Avionics
  • High efficiency windows
  • High visible transmission
  • Low reflectance improves readability & glare
  • Optional filters to improve sensor performance
  • Ease of assembly
  • Custom OEM options

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Additional information

Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 4 mm

Borosilicate Glass





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